A Piece of Cake

Beitrag veröffentlicht am: 29. Oktober 2010

To present drawings to interested builders, leading to building a property is like baking a cake from scratch. Sometimes it turns out good and sometimes not so good. To present drawings to a bunch of know-it-all, confronting critics, after having made the 10th substantial change, goes down in the presenting architects books as a "burned cake" – top and bottom.


Example for visualisation using Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011: Domstift Stendal – Kapitlesaal

To present the "cake-baking-and-burning-day’s” designs to technical engineers to explain how the drawings where created by construction software is a new experience – at least for me. During an exchange program presentation for B&L CAD Systems in Hamburg today, I saw my visualisations and drawings of the last 5 years in a total new light and relaxed atmosphere. No fights for acceptance or understanding of the designs. It all revolved around the Revit Architecture System by Autodesk and the usage of it to visualise my ideas as realistic pictures, technical drawings or as a database.

We achieved constructive brainstorming, common ground and discovered the CAD systems house people and the CAD user where speaking the same language.

Comment in my books : Piece of cake!


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