Test The Revit

Beitrag veröffentlicht am: 5. Juli 2011

You use Revit, The Revit. But are you sure it is really The Revit? Go on, make the 20 seconds Test:


treppeGenerate a stair.

Generiere eine Treppe.


7 sec.



Click OK.

Klicke OK.


13 sec.

labelLabel it.

Beschrifte die Treppe.


19 sec.


If the stair is unable to drive the label right then it is The Revit!

Since RAC2010 I’m in contact with the supscription supporters of Autodesk, but…


20 sec.

But I love Revit indeed. And maybe I’m going to be disillusioned with Revit when the stair buck is fixed some day.


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