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Auffruf zur World Earth Hour 2013

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world earth day 2013 japan
Legwork Powers the Disco

The main event in Japan this year is an event at Tokyo Tower in collaboration with a
group of Japanese artists called „Mirrorbowlers“, who will place an extraordinary piece
of art called „0” (zero) under the Tokyo Tower. The striking artwork is an enormous egg
shaped installation full of luminous disco balls that are connected to 6 powerproviding


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world earth day 2013 germany
Energy Transformation

More than 128 German cities will take part in Earth Hour this year. Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is
where the main Earth Hour event will be held, with an LED light installation powered by four
pedal power bikes producing the electricity for the LED light show. The singer/ songwriter Ashley
Hicklin will perform his song ‘City Lights’. This is the first time that Earth Hour has been used in
Germany for a political action, with participants signing a petition for a successful energy
transformation in the nation. The goal is to collect 5000 to 10000 signatures during Earth Hour,
with the pledges to be presented to the candidates of chancellors in this year’s upcoming

Learn more about the events all over the world : Timeline


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