Thanks for talking us into it.

Beitrag veröffentlicht am: 11. Dezember 2010

It’s the highlight in architecture, if you’re sitting together with the owner of a new house, sharing cups of coffee and a happy smile about the building results.


I was happy enough to have such a moment. Together we had created a winter garden in a location, the family wasn’t sure about, if such thing would be suitable. They really just wanted to renew the steps leading to the garden, a little sheltered space to sit and somewhere for plants to hibernate….and and and. A winter garden?! Ah, yeah…

Today landlord and landlady with a wink called it being talked into things. But it’s really the art of convincing them with appropriate information, visualisations and sketching to help them find the best solution. A big learning curve on both sides. From the landlords not having to have the need to do everything themselves and from the architect to listen to their desires, reading between the lines. A progressive process with trust being build on both sides!

From a glass box to a to two sides open glass creation. From a fully glassed roof it went to a square roof tile with a big overhang and a line of light. From colourful it went to a contemporary design allowing the colours of the garden to shine. The old cast iron rail, the landlord would have loved to re-use, being replaced by a filigree stainless steel design with turnbuckles and off – set posts. Instead of a straight forward line leading into the garden now a curving grass interwoven path is laying in the evening sun.

We now can get rid of the living room, as we spend all our time in the winter garden. Thanks for talking us into it. is the comment the owners made. Thanks for trusting my abilities.


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  • Tammy Dalton sagt:

    Ah, that’s the type of result that makes this all worth it. Congratulations, Bo!

  • Bob Borson sagt:

    That is a fantastic story and should affirm the role a successful collaboration between architect and client can achieve.

    Das ist eine fantastische Geschichte und sollte bekräftigen die Rolle einer erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit zwischen Architekt und Auftraggeber erreichen kann.

    Ich bin froh, dass Sie hatte diesem Moment – ich hoffe, Sie haben viele mehr.

    I am glad you had that moment – I hope you have many more.